Plastic brooches -Plastic broches -

voorraad wisselt regelmatig / stock changes dayly

Geef uw favoriete kleur en maat op en ik zal u de

 huidige voorraad tonen. / Let me know your favorite

color and I will send you the present stock.

These earrings and brooches are

made from pieces of poly ethylene recycled

plastic shopping bags.

Some of the bags were already made 

from recycled poly ethylene, so by making

 these earrings the plastic is recycled twice.

Most of my shopping bags come from

 Europe where I find a large assortment of

different colors.

The jewelry is not color treated. 

The colours come from the bags 

themselves. This is the final destination

of a plastic shopping bag. These shopping

bags will not end up on a waste pile

somewhere in the environment.

Not one pair of earrings or brooch is the


Assortment varies daily,

The earrings were featured on ABC 13

Television in their Green Team show,

Broadcasted in January 2010 on Channel 39,

and published on their website:

 The brooches were part of the juried show

 "Rising Eyes of Texas 2009'.

 Earrings, hypo allergenic wires



Brooches & hair barettes