This object is a homage to "Rodin" (The Thinker).

The female 'thinker' (ceramic) is thinking about saving the environment. She is sitting on an enameled globe (little enamel box) and has the Global Environment Outlook report at her feet.
In the ceiling of her "Think Box'  a yellow crystal sun is still shining on her for as long as the global warming did not take that sun away.

The wooden frame can slice into the big enameled box.

The enamel panels on the box show you how the world will look like without the sun. Dark, trees with no leaves.


 At the Barber shop / bij de Barbier


Deze antieke scheerkist (met spiegel, zeep, scheerkwast en aluin) is voorzien van een koperen gecisseleerde deksel die daarna werd geƫmailleerd. De afbeelding is een detail uit de eerte advertentie van De Vergulde Hand.

Op de hoeken zijn zilveren (925) ornamenten gemonteerd.

This antique 'shaving box' (with soap, brush and aluin stone in it) has a mirror on the inside of the cover.

The top panel is made from copper with chasing and repousse technique and has a enamel layer on top and silver cast ornaments at the corners.The image is a part of the commercial for shaving soap in the late '40's by "De Vergulde Hand".

I made this box in memory of my grand dad who was the inventor of the Corona liquid shaving soap in the Netherlands in the early '30's.


La Dolce Vita, emaillewerk met voorstelling van flannerende dames en heren op de boulevard.

La Dolce Vita, vitreous hand painted enamel on copper with wood and handmade paper. 



Soldier in Afghan Sun, made in colaboration with the  Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Soldier is museum piece. Sun and  sunscreen bottle are made by Ingrid


'"Queenbee'' Enamel on copper object with bees, 25 cm


3 triangle dishes, enamel on copper 9 cm


Enamel on copper birdies in real (treated) bird's nest

not for sale